Cross-view Semantic Segmentation for Sensing Surroundings

Bowen Pan1, Jiankai Sun2, Ho Yin Tiga Leung2, Alex Andonian1, Bolei Zhou2

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2 The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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We introduce a novel spatial understanding task calls Cross-view Semantic Segmentation. In this task, top-down-view semantics are predicted from the first-view real-world observations. Input observations from multiple angles are fused together.


In this framework, the View Parsing Network (VPN) is proposed to parse the first-view observations into a top-down-view semantic map indicating the spatial location of all the objects at pixel-level. The view transformer module contained in VPN is designed to aggregate the surrounding information collected from first-view observations in multiple angles and modalities. To mitigate the issue of lacking real-world annotations, we train the VPN in simulation environment and utilize the off-the-shelf domain adaptation technique to transfer it to real-world data. We evaluate our VPN on both synthetic and real-world data. The experimental results show that our model can effectively make use of the information from different views and multi-modalities. Thus the proposed VPN is able to accurately predict the top-down-view semantic mask of the visible objects as well as barely seen objects, in both synthetic and real-world environments.



Framework of the View Parsing Network for cross-view semantic segmentation. The simulation part illustrates the architecture and training scheme of our VPN. And the real-world part demonstrates our domain adaptation process for transferring our VPN to the real world.

Demo Video


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